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    LifeThreads Full Protective Goggles - Sold in Quantities of 10

    LifeThreads Full Protective Goggles feature a high definition PC lens that is impact resistant, anti-fog, and offers 100% UV protection. The full protective goggles are made from medical grade PVC which is soft and comfortable and gives you a good tight seal. The fixing bolt on the goggles will fix the lens tightly on your face. The full cover offers splash protection, and the elastic strap on the back is flexible and comfortable. *PLEASE NOTE: THESE GOGGLES HAVE A MINIMUM QUANTITY OF 10 UNITS PER ORDER**

    LifeThreads Infrared No Touch Thermometer

    The LifeThreads Infrared No Touch Thermometer features a very fast one second temperature read on the forehead, a high fever alarm if the temperature is over 100.4 degrees F /38 degrees C, a blue backlight, high quality sensor, smart calibration, last temperature memory for the last 20 readings, and reads in Fahrenheit or Celsius. This thermometer requires no touching of the patient, just a quick scan of the forehead. The LifeThreads Infrared No Touch Thermometer runs on two AAA batteries and has a low battery alarm. Temperature range from 91.4 - 109.4 F (33.0 - 43.0 C).

    LifeThreads Isolation Gown - Sold in Quantities of 50

    The LifeThreads Isolation Gown provides temporary clothing for a wide number of settings. The lightweight, comfortable disposable gown is breathable and easy to put on. *PLEASE NOTE: THESE GOWNS HAVE A MINIMUM QUANTITY OF 50 UNITS PER ORDER**

    LifeThreads N95 Face Mask - Sold in Quantities of 100

    The LifeThreads N95 Face Mask is durable, soft, and features an inner foam nose piece for comfort and an adjustable outer aluminum nose piece and secure head straps to provide a good fit. This mask is latex free and provides at least 95% filtration and protection against airborne particles. *PLEASE NOTE: THESE MASKS HAVE A MINIMUM QUANTITY OF 100 UNITS PER ORDER**

    LifeThreads Safety Glasses - Sold in Quantities of 10

    The LifeThreads Safety Glasses offer feature 100% UV light protection, are lightweight, repels fluids, has anti-fog coating, and cuts blue light by up to 80%. *PLEASE NOTE: THESE GLASSES HAVE A MINIMUM QUANTITY OF 10 UNITS PER ORDER**

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