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    Product Highlight: Pocketless Scrubs

    Product Highlight: Pocketless Scrubs

    Typically, when we think about scrubs, we think about them in a medical setting, but there are a variety of professions that utilize scrubs as a uniform. For example, pharmacists and dispensary workers use pocketless scrubs in order to comply with their employer’s regulations. Childcare workers also use pocketless scrubs so that workers have a durable uniform that's capable of handling any spill or mess they may encounter during the work day.  

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, safety and sanitation are more important than ever, and scrubs are a great way to provide a safety barrier between workers and their environment. Sometimes plain and simple is all you need! Check out Cherokee WW605 and WW125, pocketless, unisex options that are available in black and olive. Need help picking out the right scrubs? Give us a call at 303-991-1258 or email us at customerservice@scrubauthority.com and one of our specialists will help you out!