How to Sell Scrubs & Add Them to Your Catalog

How to Sell Scrubs & Add Them to Your Catalog

Selecting the best uniform is a process that takes time and knowledge. It’s not something that happens in a split second and clients will need support when it comes to selecting the best scrubs. The days of simple, bland, “one size fits all” scrubs are over. Medical apparel offerings are now as diverse as any other type of clothing, spanning sizes XXS to 7XL, petites to talls. The demand for scrubs has also increased, expanding to a variety of professions like spa attendants, teachers, daycare workers, dispensary workers, housekeepers, and many more. 

If you’re ready to dive into the world of scrubs but don’t know where to start, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered from head-to-toe. We’ll walk you through the basics so you know where to start and can help guide your clients in picking the right option. 

The best place to start is with fabric:

- Basic Fabric: “Go-to” scrubs, traditional with a durable feel (polyester / cotton blend / poly rayon)

- Stretch Fabric: Fashion-forward and designed for comfort (polyester / cotton / spandex / rayon blend)

- Active Fabric: Athletic apparel inspired, modern fit, with stretch (polyester / spandex blend)


By narrowing down needs between these 3 options, you can guide your clients from there into which price point works best for them. 

We’ve created a table to help guide you and your clients through the process so that you can find scrubs that fit your budget as well as have all the features your clients need.

Have questions? We’re here to help! Every Scrub Authority team member is a product expert who’s ready to help you with your scrub program. Please call (303) 991-1258 or email for assistance.

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