About Us

Your Preferred Medical Apparel Provider

Scrub Authority is the highest rated medical apparel supplier in the promotional products industry, ten years running. Featuring the brands that medical professionals want to wear, Scrub Authority is your definitive source for medical apparel.

We’re In This Together

We’re not just some store where you buy scrubs. As your partner in the promotional products industry, it’s our job to help you land clients and provide them with the best medical apparel available. Need hundreds of unisex sets for a hospital? We’ve got options to fit your program and budget. Have a dental clinic looking for something special but don’t know where to start? We’ll help you pick out some top-tier products that are sure to impress them.

The Modern Medical Apparel Market

The days of simple, bland, “one size fits all” scrubs are over. Medical apparel offerings are now as diverse as any other type of clothing, spanning sizes XXS to 7XL, petites to talls. Today, scrub brands include improved polyester/cotton blends for a traditional feel, stretch garments designed for maximum comfort, and even specially treated fabrics with antimicrobial benefits.