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Classic II™ Pediatric Stethoscope

Classic II™ Pediatric Stethoscope

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The Classic II Pediatric features a dual frequency, tunable diaphragm that allows the user to listen to both low and high frequency. The diaphragm on one side augments the traditional bell function for the opposite side. Firm pressure allows the user to hear high frequency sounds and light pressure lets them hear low frequency sounds.The specially designed bell and diaphragm chestpiece that is designed, sized and acoustically precise for children.
  • Tunable Diaphragm: Switches between low and high-frequency sounds without the need to reposition the chestpiece. Light pressure captures low frequencies; firm pressure captures high frequencies.
  • Special Pediatric Design: Features a smaller chestpiece with both a traditional bell and a diaphragm, specifically sized for accurate auscultation (listening to internal body sounds) in children.
  • Acoustically Precise: Offers reliable sound clarity for precise heart, lung, and other body sound assessments of young patients.
  • Comfort and Ease of Use: Designed to help healthcare practitioners listen to smaller patients with ease and accuracy.
  • Latex Free



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